I've written a simple program that output's my name, course, and a time \ date stamp.

Having researched the code to do so, I've used the includes for both the ctime and time.h libraries.
I leveraged localtime_s and asctime_s to actually convert to string etc., and the program runs fine when I step through it in Visual Studio.

However, we're working with CGI and this program will ultimately be called up from the cgi-bin directory of a web server. The first thing
that needs to be done after copying it to the webserver is to compile it. That's where my problem occurs.

Using the console command: g++ lab5a.cpp -o lab5a.exe the file is supposed to compile and be converted to a .exe.
However, instead I receive errors:
localtime_s was not declared in this scope
asctime_s was not declared in this scope

I "believe" it's because of the included libraries, but not sure.

They are:
HTML Code:
#include <iostream>
#include <ctime>
#include <time.h>
Here's the actual timestamp block of code:
HTML Code:
//Begin date and time instructions
	time_t curTime;
	struct tm locTime;
	const int TimeStrLen = 26;
	char timeStr[ TimeStrLen ];
	if (    ( -1 != time( &curTime ) )                          // Seconds since 01-01-1970
		&&  ( 0 == localtime_s( &locTime, &curTime ) )          // Convert to local time
		&&  ( 0 == asctime_s( timeStr, TimeStrLen, &locTime ) ) // Convert to string
Of course, I go on to error check and complete the block, but you get the picture.
Can somebody shed light on the errors and what might stop this code from compiling.
All that I've read points to deprecated code, specifically in the _s lines.