Hello All,

I have a VB6 program which uses MSComm to do RS232 communications to a radio
transceiver. Operation on Win 7 and XP has been very stable until this week. We
started noticing that on Win 7 systems, commands sent to the MSComm Port
sometimes never get to the radio or there are larger than before delays. This
happens on two different systems at different locations. The program still
operates normally on Win XP.

I am wondering if a recent Windows Update on Win 7 might have altered the MSComm
Control or the virtual Comm Ports. I noticed that yesterday when I launched the
Visual Basic Development System, there were numerous warnings about Registry
connections and several Controls used in the program were not loaded.
Fortunately, after exiting the Develop Environment and starting again, the
Controls all loaded.

Has anyone seen evidence that Microsoft has broken VB6 programs on Win 7?
Thanks. -ko6no-