I am losing the will to live here,

I have installed VS 2012 after many years using VS 2010 and to my horror, I can't even manage to loop through effin table rows anymore (which was a doddle before) and it is absolutely critical to my project.

I am coding in C# in a WPF project.

I tried many ways of calling DataGrid.Rows but that is no longer available to users at all (don't know what on earth Microsoft were thinking of here) so I am trying to find a work around and here is what i have come up with from the top of my cranium but the second part is just not working for me.

foreach (TableRow row in MyDatabaseDataSet.Tables["Table1"].Rows)
//Pesky lengthy non-working code supposed to generate controls dependent on row cell value
Just to make things simpler (the code not working is just so lengthy it would be counter-constructive to post it here and instead let's try and get a messagebox to show the value of the cell in the 2nd column of the row looked at.

But nothing does it.

I tried many many ways that i could think of including:

But it just will not work for me at all!

Doesn't even want to run the project at all.

Please oh please smarter-people-than-I, how can I loop through all the rows in a DataTable or even a Datagrid if somebody found a simple way (looked at close to 30 pages and nobody seems to have found a way)?

Even if somebody managed to find a video tutorial (which I haven't), that would be awesome.



PS: I forgot to mention but I also added the Load Data segment in the code prior to the foreach statement written above.