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    java/jquery with excel help

    I would like to take data from excel and show it in Internet Explorer or Java or Jave with IE. If in IE the preferred method to use is jquery datatables or jquery tablesorter. In other words, that data from excel would be shown in datatable or spreadsheet view. The data I would like to have saved is what rows are checkboxed and what are not. After the rows are checkboxed they should be removed, but should be on a "completed" page. The problem is with saving the results and also with data storage for reporting purposes as this is clientside.with no web server interaction. However, once the data is stored locally, the charts/reports can be made then. I have been told as to look into Jave Webstart or Apache POI.


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    Re: java/jquery with excel help

    What programming experience do you have? You are going to need some heavy JavaScripting (if using IE) or Java (if using JavaWS) in order to get this project done.
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    Re: java/jquery with excel help

    true, the exception woudl be yoplet, a free application that allows users to read/write back to the local file, but I dont know how to mod this into jquery tablesorter

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    Re: java/jquery with excel help

    I'm afraid I know nothing about "yoplet" but if you want to use tablesorter - or virtually any other jQuery table based plug in - you're going to need to convert the Excel data into HTML table based data. Can yoplet do that? If so then create a THEAD row and populate it with TH cells, then everything else into TD cells in a TBODY. That would get you the display of the data. As for writing the data back, you would then need to use jQuery to detect the changed / checkboxes (something like
    and then convert that back into Excel format. Can't help with the latter part I'm afraid, but maybe one of those other tools you mentioned has that capability.

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