Hi, i don't have any experience in creating websites and i want to build an
online translation agency Website.
one of my problems is that i want to create a user system (is it right?) which
in there translators can see list of current orders with full details and
choose from them . some other stuff like accounting, ticket sending and etc is
also needed. how to create that? i mean what programming language or plugin or
framework or etc should i use for that?
other parts of websites such as Our services and About us and Contact us can
be created using WordPress Child Themes, right?
and let's take an example. well, you go to a car wash and order them to wash your car. so an washing order from you is available for workers. price (i,g 5 $), delivery date (30 m later), Requirement (be quick plz!) and etc are also available. workers can see their previous activities list and their payments (maybe you too). they can send message to each other and ...now what their manager should do if he want to make processes online?
SORRY for bad English!