I created a program that catalogs all my movies. And when I want to watch I can make a list of movies to play and they shell to the movie player I have selected. It can be Windows Media Player, VLC Player, etc... Any player I want as long as I have the player. I use the command in Visual Basic 6 as follows: Rtn=Shell("C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe " & chr(34) & "C:\Movies\Hello Dolly.avi" & chr(34),vbnormal) This will play the movie "Hello Dolly" from the Windows Media Player. I have Windows 8. They gave me Metro Video Player with the machine. I am at a lost on how to run an app with the movie from the desktop. I am able to run the Video App, but without the movie. Here's what I got so far: Rtn=Shell("C:\Windows\System32\Cmd.exe /c start microsoftvideo: && exit" [NOT SURE WHAT I DO HERE???], vbnormal) Does anyone have any ideas? Everything I have tried doesn't work. All that happens is that I'm placed on Metro Xbox Video App without the movie playing..,