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    Password Decrypte

    Hi, I has the following codes to encrypte the password user enter:

        Public Function fnEncrypt(ByVal sString As String, ByVal lLEn As Long) As String
            Dim I As Long
            Dim NewChar As Long
            I = 1
            Do Until I = lLEn + 1
                NewChar = Asc(Mid(sString, I, 1))
                NewChar = ((NewChar - 32 + 13) Mod 95) + 32     'avaible keyboard from ASCII 32 to 126
                fnEncrypt = fnEncrypt + Chr(NewChar)
                I = I + 1
            Return fnEncrypt
        End Function
    For eg. User enter 123456, the password will be encrypte become >?@ABC.

    How can I write my codes to decode it from >?@ABC become 123456?

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    Re: Password Decrypte

    subtract 32

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    Re: Password Decrypte

    Hi, sorry that I can't get what you means.

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    Re: Password Decrypte

    Hi, I tried but it won't works..

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    Re: Password Decrypte

    All of the gyrations are essentially shifting the character right 13. To decrypt you need to subtract 13 from the ASCII of the character. If this is less than 32 then add 95.

    I don't think the code will work. The "fnEncrypt = fnEncrypt . . . " will probably recursively (and incorrectly) call the function again. You should use a local variable to hold your string.

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