Hi All,

In Project consisting of about 600 binaries(dll's,exe's,ocx's etc.,) I need to identify .NetDll's which has COM component(embedded), As I can understand, in such scenario's Registration using Regasm is mandatory (if and only if .NetDll's have COM Components).

But, my Query,

1.could we distinguish above Dll(.Net With COM comp & .Net w/o COM comp) Programatically/Open source tool.
though I used .Net Reflector tool to identify/segregate Dll's(.Net Dll's / Non-.Net Dll's(Win 32's , COM -Dll's), but I need to focus programatically to throw more light on differentiating (.Net Dll with COM Component) and pure .Net dll's(without COM components).

1.Is the adding interfaces/methods within the above .Net Dll(COM component) same as we would implement in ATL-COM Project(DllRegisterServer - Adding Interface/methods etc., in COM-DLL). ?
How could one add Interfaces/methods to .Net Dll's with COM components akin to adding the Interfaces/methods to ATL-COM Dll's,

Examples/URL would be helpful.

1.How also, one determines, the dependency of Windows Services of the above .Net Dll in project., for eg., Assuming in our project the Print_XYZ.dll (.Net Dll with COM component) is dependent on start/stop of windows services (services.msc).
(ie., given a .Net Dll/COM component , how one could one conclude the said .Net Dll is dependent on print spooler services(windows services).

any assistance in resolving the above queries would be appreciable.

Thanks & Regards,