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    Re: error C2061: syntax error : identifier 'string'

    Quote Originally Posted by royibernthal View Post
    Okay, I will.
    I suggested that you go through your program line-by-line with the debugger. The reason why is that you need to understand exactly how a program works, how variables are set, how a loop operates, etc. etc. Otherwise you will be right back to square one with your next assignment, asking us or some other person the same basic questions on how a program works, how a function works, how an if() statement works, etc.

    By seeing it happen live, one step at a time using the debugger, you get to learn these things. By just luckily writing a program that "works", but never knowing why it works, gets you nowhere in the learning process. Once you have the necessary skills as a C++ programmer to have confidence in knowing how code will flow and what the various constructs will do, do you then take shortcuts by setting breakpoints and such.


    Paul McKenzie
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    Re: error C2061: syntax error : identifier 'string'

    Thanks for the advice, I'm not new to programming though just to C++. I pretty much understand how things work by now, so I am looking for shortcuts.
    I do obviously have much to learn about C++, things that I haven't encountered in other languages, but rest assured I'm not about to ask you how an IF statement works.

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