Hello all,

Iím currently working on the development of reusable graphics components. I have to allow the user of my library to place any kind of object on a UserControl from the Designer in a specific position, just like almost all WPF components allow. More precisely, I have to place content in multiple TabItem of a TabControl. Nothing complicated, but the fact is that I have to remove the display of headers of the TabControl. So I canít select the TabItem by clicking on the header. Actually, I use buttons to select the current TabItem.

So my question is twofold: how to enable the changing of the current TabItem from the click of a button in the Designer. And always from the Designer, how to enable the placement of content in multiple TabItem of a TabControl. Knowing that the TabControl and buttons are in the same UserControl.

I think I have to use an ItemsPresenter, I use it in others contexts, but I donít know how to do in this one.