Hi all,
I wrote my own SQLDatabase class base on TinyODBC class, and i have problem with my SQLPreparedStatement::SetString method.

In my app, i construct new instance of SQLPreparedStatement class and call SetString method to bind a string to statement. When i execute that statement i got an error, it says "[Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 10.0]String data, right truncation".

        ODBC::SQLConnection conn(Configuration::Database->ConnectionString());

	ODBC::SQLResult* pResult = conn.Query(_T("SELECT ISNULL(MAX(ProductCategoryID), 0) + 1 FROM Production.ProductCategory"));
	if (pResult != NULL)
		int nNewProductCategoryID = pResult->Field(1).AsInt32();

		ODBC::SQLPreparedStatement stmt(conn, _T("INSERT INTO Production.ProductCategory(ProductCategoryID, Name) VALUES (?, ?)"));
		stmt.SetInt32(0, nNewProductCategoryID);
		stmt.SetString(1, (LPCTSTR)sProductCategoryName);
			nProductCategoryID = nNewProductCategoryID;
			return true;
I dont know why i get that error because in other same statement (that use from TinyODBC class), statement execute success with no error.

SQLDatabase classODBCDatabase.rar
TinyODBC classTinyODBC.rar

Thank in advance