I am so lost in this class. I just need to get past my last two assignments in this class and I don't have to worry about VB again. I am going to school for web development/Admin.

Please help me, I don't even know how to start this code off. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Here is the assignment....

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to use sub procedures.

Write a Visual Basic program that calculates the cans of paint required to cover a room.

Each can of paint covers 500 square feet of surface area.

Your form should have enough text boxes to calculate the area of 4 walls. Your form should also have a calculate button, a clear button and an exit button. It is required that your calculations use a sub procedure to determine the number of paint cans needed. This sub procedure should be called from the calc button. There must be data passed to the sub procedure with parameters. Note that you should move the data from the text boxes to variables. You should then do calculations using variables. You then take the data from the variables and display it on the form in labels.

I know this is a piece of cake for you boys, but this class makes me feel like an idiot. I am barely passing

Thank you boys!!!