Hey guys,

I am currently really new to this and I am stuck on some programs and was wondering if anyone could help me with either or both of the program specifications bellow.

1. Construct a class diagram that can be used to represent food items. A type of food can be classified as basic or prepared. Basic food items can be further classified as meat, fruit, veg or Grain. The services provide by the class should be the ability to enter data for new food, to change data for food and to display existing data about food.

using this class definition write a main program to include a simple menu that offers the following choices:
1. Add food
2. Modify Food
3. Delete Food
4. Exit this menu

2. Read a list of numbers from a file and then print them out in reverse order. State whether the list is palindromic or not.

I know some people refuse to do code for other people so if that is the case, could anyone provide even sections of code or psuedocode or something because I have no idea what to do whatsoever. Any help will be much appreciated.