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Thanks for the suggestion. It would have been good if I could attach the file, but unfortunately I can't, the system does not allow.
Which "system" does not allow you to attach a file?
Did you read Announcements, section Attachments?
Most of the forums will allow you to add an attachment. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. If you are going to include an attachment to your post consider the following:
  • Do you really need an attachement? If providing the attachment doesn't add to your question, then don't include it. Most people won't look at an attchment. If your attachment is a short code listing, then you are better to include the code (or a snippet of your code) in your message rather than as an attached file.
  • What files do you really need to attach? Granted, it is a zip file that you will most likely attach; however, what files do you really need to include? In most cases, you will only need the .h and .cpp files for C++ and VC++ files. In VB you will only need the forms and coding files. If there are files that are not needed, then don't include them.
  • Many people use dial-up. Larger attachements will be avoided because they take too long to download. In general, you should try to keep your attachments under 100k.