Wokring with VS 2005 and VB, I have the following code:
            Using zip As ZipFile = ZipFile.Read(ZipFileName)
                Dim item As ZipEntry
                For Each item In zip
            End Using
        Catch ex1 As BadReadException
            PrintLine(BookOrgClass.intBOLog, String.Format("Bad Read: Invalid EPUB ({0})", ZipFileName))
        Catch ex1 As Exception
            Console.Error.WriteLine(String.Format("exception: {0}", ex1.ToString))
        End Try
Now if it's a good zip, it extracts fine; if not I'm getting various exceptions - normally BadReadException.
What I don't see here is why, rather than being trapped by the catch I'm getting a program ABEND.
(( that's ABnormal END or "terminating with an exception" for you youngsters ))

Anyone see what I obviously don't and how to fix it??