I am doing an project in SDI. I have two functions name sendtext(CString str) and displaytext(CString inr) both in different class. I have a pointer name pView to send the string str to function "displaytext". The problem is after some operations i get a text in str and i send that text to display text in the output screen i get the text and wen the second text comes to "displaytext" the former text disappears and the latest string only present. Pleae help me like how can i display both the text in the output window on ClistCtrl class.

Void sendtext(CString str)
   // do some operations
void displaytext(CString inr)
  CListCtrl &ctlsde = this->GetListCtrl();
  ctlsde.InsertColumn(1,  _T("First "),   LVCFMT_LEFT,   80);
  int nItem;
	nItem = ctlsde.InsertItem(0,  inr);