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    Cloning an object

    Is there a point in dynamically creating a pointer during runtime only to dereference it? (if that is the right term, as in *pointer, depoint it?)
    In this case should I perhaps store pointers instead of references?


    bool Inventory::addItem(InventoryItem& item)
    	if (item.getAmount() > 0) {
    		if (hasEmptySlot()) {
    			return true;
    		else return false;
    	return true;
    void Inventory::addNewItem(InventoryItem& item)

    std::unique_ptr<InventoryItem> InventoryItem::clone(void) const
    	return std::unique_ptr<InventoryItem>(new InventoryItem(index, name, type, maxAmount));
    Also I was wondering, is there some sort of built-in cloning functionality or do I have to write the clone functions myself? When creating new instances I see that I can either pass the constructor properties or a reference to an object of the same type.

    For instance:

    new InventoryItem(index, name....);
    new InventoryItem(const InventoryItem&);
    Is the second one casting?
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