This is my first day on the forums and I wanted to see if I could get some advice:

Now, I do data processing/data cleansing work from home right now, every now and again I will get to add a new line of code into a VB program to expedite the more time consuming tasks in my day to day...Currently though, there isn't much room for growth in the position I hold and I am looking for a new career path. I have taken introductory classes in several programming languages, but have had no real "Need" to write programs for anything. I have tried forcing myself to sit down and write something, but its kind of like staring at a blank piece of paper with no inspiration for art and thinking, "I'm going to paint a landscape." But the difference to me with art is that if I want to get inspired to paint a landscape, but don't know the type of scenery, color pallet, time of day etc...I can always just Google nature photos and find a ton of inspiration.

Does anyone have any kind of "inspiration inducing" material for programming?
Also, I began my college career on a path toward graphic design and 3D modeling, but have since found that those fields have become increasingly more competitive and require a lot more experience than what my community college gave me. Any suggestions on a career path in programming for the fella that likes to draw?