• Estimate, design, write code, perform unit test, and deploy software module using technologies related to PHP.
• Deeply understanding best practices/tools/methodologies to apply in project team to make the development more efficient.
• Play Technical Lead role to lead a small team.
• Document, Study & analyze requirements.
• Participate in designing Alternative Solution, Technical Architect, Component Design.
• Apply Agile engineering process, best practices.

Technical Requirements:

• At least +3-4 years’ experience in web development.
• Strong experience in some frameworks/CMSs:
o Frameworks: Symfony, Zend Framework, Kohana.
o CMS/Portal: Drupal7+, Joomla, Wordpress, TYPO*.
o Ecommerce Platform: OpenCart, Magento, Pretashop.
o Template Engine: Smarty, RainTPL, Twig.
o ORM: Doctrine, Xyster, Propel.
• Strong knowledge in AJAX, JavaScript/ UI Library/Toolkit (JQuery, Prototype, YUI, Mootools, Dojo Toolkit, Jquery UI, KendoUI, KnockoutJS…), HTML/HTML5, CSS2/CSS3, MySQL database
• Strong knowledge and experience in Web 2.0 and Social networking (Facebook, Google Plus, Gigya, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, Pinterest …) is a good plus.
• Strong knowledge in OOAD, Design Patterns, Web services (RESTful, SOAP), Protocols (HTTP(S), FTP, SMTP, POP, SSL…).
• Expertise in Web security (Injection, XSS, CSRF, Misconfigurations …).
• Expertise in Linux and *NIX command line is a good plus.
• Additional knowledge in .NET, J2EE, Mobile development (Android, iOS…) is a good plus.
• Having experience with SaaS, online payment, transaction is optional, but preferable.
• Ability to quick research new technologies.

Personal Qualities:
• English: intermediate level and above, can communicate well directly with client mostly in both writing and speaking.
• Know how to build up good working relationship with client technical person.
• Be independent, responsible, self-motivated, fast thinking, good communication, with ability to learn and achieve superior results.
• Strong teamwork and contribution spirit.

Education/Training Preferred:
• Bachelor Degree in Computer Science or related technical discipline required.
• Advanced Degree and professional certifications are beneficial.

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