i got the source code from this website:

and when i tried running the server and client i get Runtime exception occured:5
in the client console

i don't know how to fix it
heres the client code:
// File DoRPC_Client.cpp
#include <stdio.h>
#include "..\RPC1_IDL\DoRPC.h"

int main()
   RPC_STATUS status;
   unsigned char* szStringBinding = NULL;

   // Creates a string binding handle.
   // This function formats the passed values in a 
   // predefined format for use by RPC. Just like printf
   // Connection is not done here.
   status = RpcStringBindingCompose(
      NULL, // UUID to bind to.
      (unsigned char*)("ncacn_ip_tcp"), // Use TCP/IP protocol.
      (unsigned char*)("localhost"), // TCP/IP network - the same machine as server
      (unsigned char*)("9191"), // TCP/IP port to use.
      NULL, 				// Protocol dependent network options to use.
      &szStringBinding); 		// String binding output.

   if (status)

   // Validates the format of the string binding handle and converts
   // it to a binding handle.
   // Connection is not done here either.
   status = RpcBindingFromStringBinding(
      szStringBinding, // The string binding to validate.
      &hDoRPCBinding); // Put the result in the implicit binding
                          // handle defined in the IDL file.


		// Calls the RPC function. The hDoRPCBinding binding handle
		// is used implicitly.
		// Connection is done here.
		const unsigned char szMsg[] = "Client: I Can RPC Now!";
		printf("Runtime exception occured: %d\n",RpcExceptionCode());

	// Free the memory allocated by a string.
	status = RpcStringFree(&szStringBinding); // String to be freed.


	// Releases binding handle resources and disconnects from the server.
	status = RpcBindingFree(
	&hDoRPCBinding);	// Frees the implicit binding handle defined in
						// the IDL file.

	if (status)

	system ("PAUSE");

	return 0;

// Memory allocation function for RPC.
// The runtime uses these two functions for allocating/deallocating
// enough memory to pass the string to the server.
void* __RPC_USER midl_user_allocate(size_t size)
	return malloc(size);

// Memory deallocation function for RPC.
void __RPC_USER midl_user_free(void* p)