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    [RESOLVED] Format the text contained into a RichTextBox

    Hi folks

    It's been long time from the last time I asked for your help and now I'm here because I need it again

    I am trying to format a text contained into a RichTextBox exactly like the text below:

    FIRM NAME of Surname Name
    Address - ZIP City
    Phone: Number Fax: Number
    E-mail: Address Web site: URL
    VAT number: VAT number

    Then, each line must be centered into the control.

    Til now I wrote this code, that obviously doesn't work:
        Private Sub StampHeading()
            Dim Buff As String
            With rtxIssuer(1)
                Buff = (Issuer.Firm & " di " & Issuer.Surname & " " & Issuer.Name & vbNullChar)
                .Text = Buff
                .SelStart = 0:
                .SelLength = Len(Buff)
                .SelBold = True
                Buff = (Issuer.Address & " - " & Issuer.ZIP & " " & Issuer.City & vbNullChar)
                .Text = (.Text & Buff)
                .SelStart = Len(.Text) - Len(Buff)
                .SelLength = Len(Buff)
                .SelColor = vbGray
                Buff = Trim(IIf(Len(Issuer.Phone) > 0, "Telefono: " & Issuer.Phone, "") & Space(5) & IIf(Len(Issuer.Fax) > 0, "Fax: " & Issuer.Fax, ""))
                If Len(Buff) > 0 Then Buff = Buff & vbNullChar
                .Text = (.Text & Buff)
                If InStr(1, .Text, "Telefono: ") > 0 Then
                    .SelStart = .Find("Telefono: ", 0, Len(.Text))
                    .SelLength = Len("Telefono: ")
                    .SelBold = True
                End If
                .SelStart = 0
                .SelLength = Len(.Text)
                .SelAlignment = 3 ' Center aligned (or at least I think)
            End With
        End Sub
    The result I got is that the whole text isn't formatted and you still see with the default control's Font and ForeColor property (in my case, I see it all written in Arial [bold; 8 pt; black] )

    Help me, please
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    Re: Format the text contained into a RichTextBox

    I don't see anywhere that you have changed either the font or the forecolor property. "Isn't formatted" doesn't give enough information for me to understand anything more about your problem.

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    Re: Format the text contained into a RichTextBox

    Create the RTF form first, with all the fields in the right place. Then, it's not hard to apply FORMAT commands to the document once you've opened it. I had 4 different RTF's that printed two reports and invoices.

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    Re: Format the text contained into a RichTextBox


    I don't have ever used RTF files before now, so, I don't know what to do. However, whilst I was waiting for your replies, I found another way to solve my problem using a PictureBox and printing on it what I need to display.

    But, thanks.


    Why do you think I've set the SelStart, SelLength and SelColor properties? About the fonts, I don't need to change it: it's enough the Font set for the Control. If you tried the code, you could see that the text was written all in black (the default Control's ForeColor), even though in run-time I called the SelColor property to change the ForeColor to a specific string selected.

    Anyway, I solved my own using a PictureBox

    Thank you all,
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