Just 5 days 'til Space Apps! Over 5,000 registered space geeks are getting pumped for the biggest international hackathon ever...are you?

Space is getting hacked on April 20-21 in the Second Annual International Space Apps Challenge. This hackathon is happening in 75 cities across the globe. Join an event near you to collaborate with NASA on selected challenges that can better life both on earth and in space.

You may find “Catch a Meteor” tracker interesting. This is a challenge to create an app that would allow observers of a meteor shower to trace the location, color and size of the shooting star.

Maybe agriculture interests you. Help NASA in the “Backyard Poultry Farmer” challenge to create a poultry management system for backyard farmers.

You can participate by visiting spaceappschallenge.org and click on “register” in the top right corner. Find a location near you!