We are facing some issue with crypto dll (C++ dll distributed by Wei Dai)and would really appreciate if you could help on this. We are using cryptopp version

We have 2 separate java programs, both use the system.load()function to load a Cryptowrapper dll (it’s a CPP program which acts as a JNI). This Cryptowrapper inturn calls encrypt/decrypt functions in Crypto.dll.

For one of the Java program it works without any issue. The password gets encrypted properly.

But the other Java program when it invokes the JNI Cryptowrapper dll which further tries to load the crypto.dll. The crypto.dll loading fails; did a GetLastError()and got the system error code as 183.
myCrypto = LoadLibrary (cryptoPath1);
here cryptoPath1 points to the complete path to crypto.dll.

Tried using both Loadlibrary() and LoadlibraryEx(), still it didn’t work.

myCrypto =LoadLibraryEx(cryptoPath1, NULL, LOAD_IGNORE_CODE_AUTHZ_LEVEL);

Details about environment – Win XP/ MS Visual studio 2010 runtime environment. This issue is replicated consistently on multiple test machines.

Thanks in advance..