Hi All,

I've a very interesting situation. I use Visual Basic 6, I've four forms in my project. For Example Form1, Form2, Form3 and Form4.

In Form1 I've a Button that loads Form2:
Private Sub Command1_Click()
    Form2.Show vbModal
End Sub
...And a timer that counts 10 secs:
Private Sub Timer3_Timer()
    Timer3.Interval = 0
End Sub
From Form2 I Load Form3.... with .Show vbModal. And I open Form4 not Modal to Form1.

I need a Solution that, when the timer in Form1 enters Timer3_Timer() sub, the Forms That are modal opened(Form2 and Form3) to be Unloaded(Closed), And Form4 to remain Opened(Loaded)

If anyone have any Ideas...please share

Julian Dimitrov