I'm trying to add gesture processing to an existing app, but it's not receiving WM_GESTURE messages.

I am using VS2005, and have updated to the Windows SDK v7.0A, so the gesture processing functions will all compile correctly, but I'm still not getting any WM_GESTURE messages. I haven't called RegisterTouchWindow(), and I'm also not receiving any WM_TOUCH messages.

The pinch-zoom is working fine with the default processing, but I am wanting to add in Touch-Pan functionality.

I've tried using OnGesturePan, but this just simply isn't there in the old version of MFC that is part of VS2005, so I'd need to use VS2010 for that. However, I believe that with the updated Windows SDK, I should be able to receive WM_GESTURE messages, right? Is there something else I need to do to get these messages through to my code?

Here's the simplest incarnation of my code...


LRESULT CMyView::OnGesture(WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam)
    TRACE0("WM_GESTURE message\n");
    return DefWindowProc(WM_GESTURE, wParam, lParam);