Boost shared_ptr question
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Thread: Boost shared_ptr question

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    Boost shared_ptr question

    Hello all,

    I have a class called Wheel, and I created a boost shared_ptr to this class in the following way:

    typedef boost::shared_ptr<Wheel> WheelPtr;
    I also have a vector of these shared_ptr's to Wheels as so:

    vector<WheelPtr> wheels;
    In the wheel class I have a variable called "flat" which is initialized to true.

    I have one thread that keeps iterating through the list looking for flat wheels like so:

    vector<WheelPtr>::iterator it;
    for(it=wheels.begin(); it!=wheels.end();)
           (*it) = WheelPtr(); // set to NULL here
    In another thread I am constantly doing something else to the wheels. What I have noticed is that when I execute the line:

           (*it) = WheelPtr(); // set to NULL here
    in the debugger the handle is 0x00000000. But in my other thread the handle is something else like 0x00104f08.

    Why is the shared_ptr not NULL in the other thread?

    Ellay K.
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