I have a database application created in Access 2003 and want to run it in Access 2010.

This database has custom toolbars and shortcut menus that replace the standard access toolbars and menus. I have several standard reports that the user can access from a form by clicking on a command button that has the following vb code:

stDocName = "RptGenericSummary"

DoCmd.OpenReport stDocName, acPreview

When the report opens in print preview it has a custom toolbar with various commands including the “close” command (i.e. when creating the custom toolbar in Access 2003, I simply dragged the close button from the File category onto the custom toolbar). When clicking this button in 2003 it works fine (i.e. the report closes). However when clicking this button in 2010 nothing happens. The only way I can close the report is to hit the “Esc” key.

Can anyone help me get this to work?