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    Complex Queries in SQL Server 2008

    I have a complex query. What I want is instead of storing the results of first 2 select statement in temporary tables I want to store it in some user defined functions and then call these 2 functions in the final query to get the result. How can I accompalish this?

    IF OBJECT_ID('tempdb..#tmp2') IS NOT NULL
    	DROP TABLE #tmp2
    IF OBJECT_ID('tempdb..#tmp1') IS NOT NULL
    	DROP TABLE #tmp1
    SELECT DISTINCT  gcid, company, name AS Area
    INTO #tmp1
    FROM Global_Customers 
    INNER JOIN areas_national  AS AN ON AN.arid = Global_Customers.arid_ptr
    INNER JOIN job_headers ON gcid = cust_ptr 
    WHERE customer_type = 0
    SELECT DISTINCT  gcid, company, 'No Area Defined' AS Area
    FROM Global_Customers 
    INNER JOIN job_headers ON gcid = cust_ptr 
    WHERE customer_type = 0
    and Global_Customers.arid_ptr=-1
    Select  gcid, company,Area,COUNT(Distinct sid) as countsid
    INTO #tmp2
    from #tmp1
    INNER JOIN sites_national AS SN ON SN.gcid_ptr = gcid
    GROUP BY gcid, company,Area
    Select  gcid  AS [Customer Number], company,Area,countsid AS [Total Sites], SUM(job_headers_acs.amtNET) AS [Net Turn Over] 
    ,COUNT(DISTINCT job_threads.jid_ptr) AS [Job Count]
    FROM #tmp2
    INNER JOIN job_headers ON gcid = cust_ptr 
    INNER JOIN job_headers_acs ON gcid_si = gcid AND job_headers_acs.jid=job_headers.jid
    INNER JOIN job_threads ON job_threads.jid_ptr = job_headers.jid
    WHERE date_booked BETWEEN '18/04/2013 00:00:00' AND '19/04/2013 23:59:00' AND thread_status = 4 AND Component_Status = 5
    GROUP BY gcid, company,Area,countsid

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    Re: Complex Queries in SQL Server 2008

    Did you consider to create table-valued functions?
    Victor Nijegorodov

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