Hi My Best Friends,

I have very simple question :

Given :
- To Build a Window and add bottuns on this window , Say Window 1

- From This Window ,Build Child Window Say Window 2

Required :
To use window 1 to add all Buttons on the Graphical User Interface
To Use Window 2 (Child window ) : to add OpenGL Device

Problem 1 :

when I move the Window 1 , or I resize window 1 I lost all the graphics from OpenGL , Because WndProc send a Paint message and redraw on window 2

Solution 1 :
I understand that , I can create a new thread , and Let the OpenGL Device working under New thread...

Problem 2 :
Still I do not know how can I Prevent sending message from New thread to WndProc ... I need to prevent any message go from wndProc to Window 2 (OpenGL Window)..

I am looking forwared to receive a well good explanation from my best collegue
Mr. Igor Vartinove and Mr. VictorN.. and form my other best collegues..

My Kind Regards