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E-XD++ component library visual graphics Geographic Information System GIS is the best GIS development component and SDK Tool, the system includes a vector GIS system for the editing, map browsing operation function between the canvas and much more efficient:

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"We offer these solutions does not mean that E-XD++ component library visual graphics applications can only develop these areas, in fact, E-XD++ with any other third party, like C ++ component library contains hundreds to used functions separately. with QT, MFC, etc., you can independently determine the need for E-XD++ in a function, in general, as long as you need graphics, you need flow charts, control charts, printing, typesetting , simulation, electronic maps, power wiring diagrams, forms, etc., you can use the E-XD++ components library, of course, sometimes Maybe you only want to use the E-XD++ provides control without the need for the drop-down color graphics function, that's no problem! "
First, the geographic information system GIS:
. E-XD++ provides the most comprehensive vector graphics editing capabilities, which is essential for the development of any GIS system. You can use this part of the functionality into GIS system, will save you a lot of development time.

. Support the canvas with arbitrary scaling.

. Support the canvas translation, mouse crawling through the canvas horizontal or vertical direction.

. Support the small preview window, and can be adjusted through the canvas of rectangular window viewing area location.

. Support any polygon complex operations, including intersection, subtraction, phase and, to take over more operations.

. By shapedesigner program, you can quickly create any desired map feature.

. Statistical tables and charts support the histogram, pie chart, etc., can be more extensive statistical analysis of the report.

. Ocx controls the same functions available, providing rapid web deployment.

. All the features of all the source code is made ​​using VC ++, and provides all the source code.


Second, military, energy map:

. Compound shapedesigner by importing svg or graphic design program, you can quickly create a variety of map graphics.

. To provide background and prospects of dual-mode editor, the map image files can be placed directly into the background.

. All polygons or graphics can be any appropriate geometry independent mouse click, you can run the page to jump, run programs, send e-mail, display information, and respond to events large and extensive.

. The system design model and operation mode of the built-in design mode, you can complete the development of map making, in the run mode, the default response to various events. Time can also be developed directly in the development of two programs, a direct work in design mode, the other directly to work in run mode.

. All are free to switch the graphics state can be used for military simulation field development.

. All of the code were made ​​using C ++ development, with the corresponding fast speed.

. Products Canvas size can be arbitrarily set to support the pan, zoom, preview window, microfilm and other functions.

. Performance of very high place in the same canvas at the same time tens of thousands of graphics operations.

. Product features are very stable, has to include the British Rolls - Royce, France ALSTON, U.S. SIM and many other aviation and military giant years of use.

. Products provide all the 100% VC ++ source code designed to make your own products directly to the core of the technology, there are no security issues.

As shown below:

More than 500 thousands lines "all carefully designed and rigorously tested" C/C++/.NET source codes, all complete source codes is shipped without any reservations!

Provide more than 400 C + + extension class, more than 500 thousands lines of effective VC++ / MFC source code, more than 70 ready to use solution's source code, complete and detailed online help system and user documentation, supporting development tools designed!

Powerful, flexible and easy to use graphical visualization of source code libraries.
Powerful and flexible components to create a variety of charts to meet your needs. Product design specifications, it is easy to use, in just a few days can be designed according to your needs products. We provide complete support for products, download the trial.

Ultra-versatile, such as automatic layout, multi-level collapsible subgraph, cell connection point, XML, DXF, SHP, SVG, etc., can help you quickly create complex and flexible chart. Supports a number of events: such as click, double click, hover, select, rubber band select, copy, delete, resize and move the support. Support the most complex operations: such as drag and drop, unlimited undo / redo and clipboard operations and so on.

Save time and money to obtain reliability.
A picture is worth a thousand words, E-XD++ offer more than 500 thousands lines of well-designed and well-tested C/C + +/.NET source code! Development takes years, thousands of customers worldwide validation, can save you a lot of development time and money!

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Understanding of the new E-XD++ GIS development platform solution !


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