I have a question as to why the two shown func args are different? See comments (yes I am novice)

struct MyFileClass
.....other code

void MyFileOut( TCHAR* pS, DWORD pVar)
TCHAR PrntStrg1[] = _T("The value of passed ptr->");
.... other code

MyFilePrint(&PrntStrg1, Scratch_PP); //<-this pulls error C2664:
//cannot convert parameter 1 from 'TCHAR (*__w64 )[26]' to 'TCHAR *'

MyFilePrint(PrntStrg1, Scratch_PP); //<-this does not
// doesn't PrntStrg1 and &PrntStrg1 evaluate to the same thing ?

......other code
} // end MyFileOut

int MyFilePrint(TCHAR* pS, DWORD pVar)
....other code
} // end MyFilePrint

} // end MyFileClass