Greetings from Portugal !

I have an app in VB6 + Access DB to manage a veterinary clinic. Not commercial just for my own use.

After several years allways making some small/big alterations, finnally I decided to introduce the hability to send SMS to the clients. Just for marketing or just to remind something else.

So, I have 2 situations, but seems the same solution.
First one, send to a specific client a pre-defined text or not.
Second one, filter on the database some clients and send to all the same message.

I found 2 (commercial) solutions on the web. But I think the code for a simple sms app it's not so complicated (it's true....i didn't YET writed it)
I think I need to initialize the modem (in my case a nokia cell phone attached to a COM port)
Then send the respective AT commands with the number and the message.
And receive a report of success or not of that delivery.
Nothing more

Now, anyone here has some code that can share with me ?

Kind regards in advance.