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    Array swapped index

    I have to do an array where the user inputs it, and it shows it with random generated numbers, and then the user puts 2 numbers for the indexes to swap.

    so far i've got this;
    using System;
    class MainClass
    		public static void Main (string[] args)
    		int[] randomSizedArray;
    		string sizeOfArray;
    		int convertedSizeArray = -1;
    		Console.WriteLine ("Please Enter the Size of the Array Between 1-99");
    		sizeOfArray = Console.ReadLine();
    		convertedSizeArray = Int32.Parse(sizeOfArray);
    		randomSizedArray= new int[convertedSizeArray];
    		Random rnd = new Random();
    		for (int i=0; i < convertedSizeArray; i++) {
        	randomSizedArray[i] = rnd.Next(1,99);
    			for (int i=0; i < convertedSizeArray; i++) 
        Console.WriteLine(randomSizedArray[i] + "");
    		string swapindex1;
    		string swapindex2;
    		int index1;
    		int index2;
    		Console.WriteLine("Please Enter Index to swap");
    		swapindex1 = Console.ReadLine();
         	index1 =  Int32.Parse(swapindex1);
    		int temp = randomSizedArray[index1];
    		Console.WriteLine ("Please Enter a Second Value to swap");	
    		swapindex2 = Console.ReadLine();
         	index2 =  Int32.Parse(swapindex2);	
    		randomSizedArray[index1] = randomSizedArray[index2];
    		randomSizedArray[index2] = temp;
    		 Console.WriteLine(randomSizedArray[temp] + "");
    I think i got the whole thing right except the printing out for the swapped indexes so if anyone can please help and guide me i would appreciate it.
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