Hello, i am building a Dll, but when compiling it, somehow the internal form that haves some controls, it is not recognizing any of the global variables i created in the public class.

The original project was an EXE, but i had to change it into a DLL, but now the form is not recognizing the variables, any help??

For example, here is the VAR declaration:

Option Explicit
Public host_ As String
Public port_ As String

and inside the form, it is not recognizing it:

Private Sub Extension_1_TEvent(EventInfo As DesktopToolkitX.TEventInfo)
Dim list_count As Integer
list_count = EventInfo.UserData.GetCount
Dim pair As CTKVPair
Dim Key As String
Dim value As String
Dim i As Integer
Dim guardar As Boolean

guardar = False

i = 0

Dim ani, dnis, cedula, pin, origen, destino, nombre, ivr_tipocliente, ivr_segmento, blanco, skill, RTargetRuleSelected, RTargetTypeSelected, RTargetObjectSelected, RTargetAgentSelected, RTargetPlaceSelected, Rtenant, RStrategyName, X, Y As String
For i = 0 To list_count - 1

Set pair = EventInfo.UserData.Get(i)
Key = pair.Key

If (pair.Type = CKVHost) Then
host_ = pair.StringValue
End If