hey ho!

Would be grateful for any hint
Is there any similar notification code to WM_NOTIFY but which will work with Edit Control?
WM_NOTIFY unfortunately is not sent for Edit control and what i want to do is to:
1. check if the notification comes from certain identifier (here: IDC_inv_comment)
2. if it was double clicked
3. if (1 && 2 == true) then call the function "writetextfromdb" passing that identifier among other parameters.

This is the code i tried to use, the same one i used for e.g. ListView but it's not working for my EditControl:

  case WM_NOTIFY:
		switch((( LPNMHDR ) lParam )->code ) 
		{case NM_DBLCLK: 
		if(((( LPNMHDR ) lParam )->idFrom ) == IDC_inv_comment) 
		{writetextfromdb(hwnd, IDC_inv_comment, "t_invoices", "inv_dok_code"); }
		}break; break;
WM_NOTIFY is simply not sent for EditControls.