I'm working on a CGI application.
I'm trying to test my input with a switch statement and output the result with html tags to populate a web page

From within the switch, I've coded as follows:
HTML Code:
	 case 0: 
		 cout << "<p><b>YOU ENTERED THE FOLLOWING TO BE CALCULATED:</b></p>" "<h2>"<< number1 <<"+" << number2  << "</h2>" << endl;
	 case 1: 
		 cout << "You've entered" << number1 <<"-" << number2 << "to be evaluated" << endl;
I know that I'll need to put this in an html body with a content type as such:
HTML Code:
cout << "Content-type: text/html\n\n";
     cout << "<html><body>\n";
Am I able to do that directly inside of the switch statement?