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    Question fstream logistics

    The following code compiles with no errs and works.
    However my VC Pro 2005 Intellisense shows a bunch of stuff but does not show anything for-> ::in <-OR-> :ut ON <-std::fstream::

    I'm wondering has the template been upgraded (?) or is this just beyond the Intellisense capability ?
    When I look in the include files I can't spot them either, but it is compiling (?). I'm not that good at reading ATL so maybe I'm just not spotting them.
    std::fstream FileObj;
    FileObj.open("TempFile.txt", std::fstream::in | std::fstream::out |                                                 std::fstream::app); 
    FileObj << '\n' << _T("Whatever Text") <<  '\n' ;
    FileObj << _T("Whatever other Text") << '\n' ;
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