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    Lightbulb Regarding Resume Parser Tool

    My purpose is to compare two resumes...have a criteria that if xyz fields match it is a duplicate.

    As u may know resume styles differ.How do i understand that the name field is a name field,so i can store it somewhere and compare it with the same field in another resume.
    As of now i have used Inter-op method and i am getting all document content in a string from the string i am splitting all the \t ,\r and empty spaces i am getting in an array.From the array how to get my own standard XML format like below.I heard people are using Natural language processing for the resume parsing tool, Or kindly Suggest me method or algorithm for the resume parser. My platform in .Net Framework. Thanks in Advance.

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    Re: Regarding Resume Parser Tool

    Fascinating question!

    However, I think trying to apply NLP to this project will transform it into a gigantic boondoggle. It's a pain to get things into a machine-readable format even when the input pattern is fairly predictable, and probably entirely intractable for your purposes. If you're just looking to hunt down duplicates, I would try to do something simple like: dump the data to text format (e.g. with antiword), search for the first string that look like an e-mail address (using grep or C# Regex) and call it a duplicate if that e-mail matches any other e-mail address in your data set.

    An alternative approach would be to dump the data to text format and then use a diff tool to try to quantify the difference between any two resumes. Presumably near-duplicates will have similar resume structure (maybe they added a few lines, but overall duplicates will be similar in most cases, even across time).

    If you absolutely must proceed with the resume -> XML approach, this research article describes a method of doing exactly what you want, but may be difficult for your to implement: http://acl.ldc.upenn.edu/P/P05/P05-1062.pdf

    Also, forum note: The <pre> tags don't work, but you can get the same effect by wrapping [code] and [/code] tags around areas in which you want to preserve formatting.
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    Re: Regarding Resume Parser Tool

    @BioPhysEngr. I just took a look at your blog. Wow. How do you find time to post here?

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    Re: Regarding Resume Parser Tool

    i have compared email id and phone number. But i need your suggestion for comparing names.

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