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    parsing of char array won't finish

    I have some cpp code that is looping through an array of char looking for a delimiter. The code saves the chars in a string until it finds the delimiter, then it adds the string to a vector of string and continues processing.

    The input char array is,
    the delimiter is '.', so the parsed strings should be,

    The code seems to work find for the first two strings, but then it seems to stop and not find the third string.

    This is the code,
    #include <iostream>
    #include <vector>
    #include <string>
    extern "C" { int parse_string_test_( char *INP_PASS, int *LENGTH); }
    int parse_string_test_( char *INP_PASS, int *LENGTH ) {
       vector<string> found_fragments;
       string temp_read;
       int i, passed_length;
       // number of occupied positions in passed char array
       passed_length = *LENGTH;
       // print initial values
       cout << "char array" << endl;
       cout << "LENGTH " << passed_length << endl;
       for(i=0; i<passed_length; i++) { cout << INP_PASS[i]; }
       cout << endl;
       cout << endl;
       // parse char array into strings using . as delimiter
       for(i=0; i<passed_length; i++) {
          // add characters to temp_read until delimiter is found
          if(INP_PASS[i] != '.') {
          // when delimiter is found
          else if(INP_PASS[i] == '.') {
             // add temp read string to vector of string
             cout << "temp_read " << found_fragments.size() << endl;
             cout << temp_read << endl;
             // clear temp read structure to continue looking for next string
    return 0;
    The output from he above is,
    char array
    LENGTH 16

    temp_read 1
    temp_read 2

    ...then nothing. The function returns to the calling code, but may not have returned normally, it is hard to tell.

    This appears to work up to a point, but does not find the last string HCl. The size of the char array that is passed to the functions prints as correct (16), so the for loop should process all 16 characters in the array. I don't see here why it stops.

    This was compiled using g++-3. Some of the unusual syntax results from this being a cpp function that is called from fortran. The char array that is passed to the cpp prints as correct and has the correct size, so I don't think that is part of the problem.

    Any suggestions,


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