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    Question Tran s parent

    I have a little problem with tiny images created for a web page.
    I use Photoshop to create and save them in png format
    I include them in the websource and fine! to see them all transparent in all of browers (even the classic iexplore)

    Then I send the page to the host to view it again only to find that the image is not transparent
    Could someone offer me an explanation or a hint to this kind of problem ? I am really embarrassed right now. (I think I am unable to handle these situations, really worried really worried I am going to get mad please help me.......................whoo whooowhooo. I think I have a serious problem with my psychology I need to see a med doctor at least to check out my feelings )

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    Re: Tran s parent

    Post the image, and someone that has PS might fix it for you. Of course, if it appears transparent here, then you need that doc more that you thought

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    Re: Tran s parent

    Trang web chng ti đưa ra cc bi nhan dinh bong da sớm nhất xung quang cc trận đấu sắp diễn ra, nhăm đưa thng tin st nhất đến qu độc giả yu bng đ.

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