This is a tricky one, it's an excel spreadsheet but it's not locked through the excel way of locking a spreadsheet (if that makes any sense)

I think the spreadsheet itself was created using some other form of programming, here's what it does:

Whenever I try to click on the sheet, it asks me if I would like to enter my registration key now, I select No and the dialog closes and I can't do anything, I select Yes and another dialog opens, it then has my "Computer ID", I am suppose to email the creator of the spreadsheet with this code and he will email be back the password, 1 problem. The guy who made the sheet is no longer contactable.

I would imagine the Computer ID is unique to every different computer, I use to have it working fine but I had to format and since then I haven't been able to access anything within the spreadsheet.

I am willing to do whatever it takes to get this thing unlocked, it's a spreadsheet I use for doing horse racing ratings and I would really love to have this little beauty back up and running again.

I have tried removing specific areas of the code to bypass this step, there is a code which I definately tell determines what a serial code would be but it makes no sense to me at all, that code is:

Rem     RegKey = RegNum / 10
Rem     RegKey = RegKey * 9
Rem     RegKey = RegKey / 8
Rem     RegKey = RegKey * 7
Rem     RegKey = RegKey / 6
Rem     RegKey = RegKey * 5
Rem     RegKey = RegKey / 4
Rem     RegKey = RegKey * 3
Rem     RegKey = RegKey / 2
Rem     RegKey = Round(RegKey * 111, 0)
Rem     RegKey = CLng(Left(CStr(RegKey), 9))
Rem     RegKeyA = Mid(CStr(RegKey), 2, 2) + Mid(CStr(RegKey), 1, 1)
Rem     RegKeyB = Mid(CStr(RegKey), 5, 2) + Mid(CStr(RegKey), 4, 1)
Rem     RegKeyC = Mid(CStr(RegKey), 8, 2) + Mid(CStr(RegKey), 7, 1)
Rem     RegKey = RegKeyB + "-" + RegKeyA + "-" + RegKeyC
The code is determined off of a 10 digit Computer ID, so I need to translate that Computer ID into a registration key.

If anyone can help please let me know