I would like to introduce to many of you a very powerful FREE Auto-Syncing Event Calendar Widget.

The company SquaredOut provides businesses with a unique way of gaining exposure to there events. They have created an embeddable calendar widget that businesses can customize and put on their website. They can sync this widget with multiple calendars such as Facebook, Google, iCal, Outlook, etc. When an event is added to any of these calendars it get's displayed on their website via there Calendar Widget. This helps reduce the time of having to add an event to all these locations there website, Facebook, calendar, etc. because all you have to do is add it once and it updates everywhere. There are also social features built into the widget so that people can share an event they find or like with their friends and family.

Another added benefit to the Calendar Widget is that SquaredOut has partnered with both local and national distributors to help promote events added to the widget. Once an event is added it can be sent to these local and national companies and spread to over 100,000 websites helping your events gain more awareness. To go along with gaining awareness for events, the event is added to SquaredOut's database in which users of SquaredOut can search for and add it to there own personal calendar. It's another great way for businesses to create a communication channel with there followers when there followers can follow there calendar of events.

Feel free to create your own FREE Calendar Widget at SquaredOut.com.