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Thread: code problem

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    code problem

    Need help pointing out where/if these are applied:
    The heap
    Constructor overloading
    Private/protected data members/functions
    Functions, parameters, return values

    #include <iostream>
    #include <cstdlib>
    #include <ctime>
    using namespace std;
    class RandomNumberGenerator
    	int secretNumber;
    	int tries;
    	int guess;
    	int randomNumber(int max)
    		return (rand() % max + 1); // random number between 1 and 100
    	void guessprocedure()
    		cout << "\tWelcome to Guess My Number\n\n";
    			cout << "Enter a guess: ";
    			cin >> guess;
    			if (guess > secretNumber)
    				cout << "Too high!\n\n";
    			else if (guess < secretNumber)
    				cout << "Too low!\n\n";
    				cout << "\nThat's it! You got it in " << tries << "guesses!\n";
    		} while (guess != secretNumber);
    int main()
    	RandomNumberGenerator rng;		
    	return 0;

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    Re: code problem

    What have you got so far?

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    Re: code problem

    Constructor overloading is where several class constructors are defined that take different type/number parameters. In the code the class is RandomNumberGenerator, so what are the class constructors and how many constructors are there?

    In a class, by default all entries are private (unlike a struct where all are public). So in a class unless a member is specified as public or protected, they are private. So for the class, which are the private, public and protected members?

    A function can have none or multiple parameters. It can also return a value or not. If the function doesn't return a value then void is used for the return type. So what are the functions, their parameters and return types?

    Sorry, but as this is homework we won't provide you with the answers directly, but give you some guidance. You may like to look at

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