Codeguru is looking for a couple of bloggers.

We have at least one slot open for C++ blogger. If you are a hard-core (or semi-hard core) C++ developer that likes to share tips, tricks,or insights with your friends or fellow developers, then you're half way there. The other half is to show that you have a few qualifications that make you the person to listen to. We'd like someone with real-world experience (not just college credits). An MVP status will obviously shoot you to the top of the list.

I'm looking for someone that can write something on a regular basis. If you can commit to a regular basis, then we'll list you on Codeguru as a regular blogger and get you posted.

Note that I have editors on my team, so writing is not the most important thing we are looking for. Rather it is someone that can share information regularly. My editors can help clean up the writing and make it pretty!

If interested PM or email me with your name, a short bio, and anything else you think relevant!

(Note: C++ not your thing? Then why are you reading the C++ thread? If C++ isn't your thing, I'm open to other topics as well. These can be broad or narrow in scope.)