"So once you’ve captured the ID, create the iFrame and post the data (eg. &ID=ZXYARE as HTTP POST )through the iFrame to the URL above."

Its a CC processing app that Iam creating to basically check the validity of the customers' CC info. For security reasons, we do not want to capture the data or store it anywhere.

It has to be passed on to the payment processor, Servebase who takes care of encapsulating it and returning just a token.

From the quote above, I have the ID and know to retrieve and process data via URLs from my C# application. I can have a browser with embedded pages like iFrame in it.

How to post data through an IFrame to any URL?

The tech support guy at Servebase says
"That data is generated within the iFrame, not by you"

The data refers to the actual CC details - coz the idea is not for my C# app to captire any sensitive CC data, instead letting Servebase do that. He also I need to create the iFrame such as this and it'll automatically take care of encapuslating any sensitive info. Can't understand how this is done.

the iFrame that he showed me in a test page was like this:

Please help. Its greatly appreciated.