Hi to all,
I have developed an iPhone/iPad app called iDatanet which lets you listen to a stream of UDP data off a specified port with a very simple protocol:
iDataNet@var1;val1@var2;val2@var3;val3 ( etc )

I have a devloped quite a few programs in Visual Basic .Net which send data over the wifi using this UDP protocol to the app.
It works great, but I need some people to help me test it out and see if there are any bugs.
The app is currently free and can be downloaded at:

In the app you can then configure various pages with displays showing the incoming pairs of variables (or labels) and values (which can be numbers or words).
If you need some VB code send me a private message and I will email it to you. Also I would be curious to hear if people have an idea of what applications this could have in real life?
I'm thinking, industry, universities, hostpitals... Any thing you can think of?