I need to print this onto an Avery 5161 1"X 4" label using CR. I need 1 label per student ID. The labels are 2 rows of 10 per column.
I have it formatted using multiple columns. It would be OK to have the top 2 header rows to the left of the Course/Grade level detail, but that's not possible with multi columns. Plus, I also don't know how to print on the right hand column of labels.

Top 2 rows are in group header, last 4 rows are in detail :

Stu_Name ID Date
Loc. Grd Lev. Absences: 1
Course 1 99 98 97
Course 2 96 95 94
Course 3 93 92 91
Course 4 90 89 87

I tried using CR label wizard and I can't even get close to the format I need that way.
Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated.