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    C++ easy school project, I need help

    Hello there!

    I am having trouble in school with some basic and easy (not for me) C++ programming.
    If you could help me, I need codes for these programs to pass a high school grade. I study IT school, but I study multimedia and presentation, but they want basic programming too and I have no idea what to do with it.

    Thanks for any help guys!

    Create a program, which determines every prime number in interval <1;100> and then print to screen:
    Prime numbers in range 1 – 100
    number of prime numbers: NN
    prime numbers: N N N N N N N N … N

    http://prntscr.com/14dmw1 (this is printscreen for another project, by operator I mean + - * /)

    Create program, which declarates field formed by matrix named OKTO[8;8]. Matrix’s elements will be saved to file named OKTO_DATA, from element 1,1 to 8,8 where 1,1 to 1,8 is one entry.
    For calculation value of elements you have to apply I+1 is double of I.

    http://wikisend.com/download/135354/moonlanding.jpg (link for image of flowchart)

    I beg anyone who can help me to help me, I know really nothing about programming, so I cant discuss this
    any help will save my pass to another year of high school, I would be very very very thankfull if anyone helps.
    PS: sorry for grammar or any english mistakes, it isnt my native language.

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    Re: C++ easy school project, I need help

    Quote Originally Posted by delivium View Post
    [B]I beg anyone who can help me to help me, I know really nothing about programming, so I cant discuss this
    I have some sympathy for your predicament but handing in work of others as your own is cheating plain and simple.

    If graduates from your IT school are expected to have basic programming skills I don't see why exactly you should be an exception.
    Last edited by nuzzle; May 11th, 2013 at 06:36 AM.

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    Re: C++ easy school project, I need help

    I was afraid fo this... it is true in every way you look at it. I just dont plan to do programming in my life, I dont find it useless or boring or something, but it is not what I want to do and it is only barrier in my graduation I am not blaming ONLY our teacher, but not every teacher is like in movies from USA, he didnt teach us anything at all, just want us to make these projects believe me, I was searching internet, trying to do some programming, I wasnt able to learn anything on my own
    well, if you arent going to help, I will continue in finding another solutions.

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    Re: C++ easy school project, I need help

    Please read


    Nuzzle is quite right, it is considered cheating to pass work off as your own that is done by others.

    However, I have some sympathy for you so I'm going to give you a hint re the prime numbers. If you search codeguru for prime and emirp you'll find some c++ code that will give you the starting point for what you need.

    If you have a go at coding the problems and post the code here, we'll offer you guidance but won't write the code for you.

    if you need a tutorial for c++, then have a look at


    Happy coding!
    All advice is offered in good faith only. All my code is tested (unless stated explicitly otherwise) with the latest version of Microsoft Visual Studio (using the supported features of the latest standard) and is offered as examples only - not as production quality. I cannot offer advice regarding any other c/c++ compiler/IDE or incompatibilities with VS. You are ultimately responsible for the effects of your programs and the integrity of the machines they run on. Anything I post, code snippets, advice, etc is licensed as Public Domain https://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/ and can be used without reference or acknowledgement. Also note that I only provide advice and guidance via the forums - and not via private messages!

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    Re: C++ easy school project, I need help

    I very appreciate any of your help. I know Nuzzle is right and I agree with everything he said, actually I didnt expect anyone to give me full complete code, bd I just asked. I will surely try those guides and find something about primes here at codeguru. If you help me in future with my codes, I would be very happy. I wish I could repay your time you give to help me, so at last I will try so your time here will not be spent for nothing.

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