I am in real trouble!

I put a breakpoint on a line of code. When the execution reaches that breakpoint it stops executing and IDE enters "break" mode. IDE freezes and I need TaskMgr to kill VB6. All toolbar icons and menu line functions are dead.

It happens in a window called by the main window. I can not step through the following statements after the breakpoint. Strangely, F8 will still allow me to step through them.

I am running on Windows 7 Home 64 bit. So, I went back to my trustworthy XP 32 bit and everything worked OK for a short while. Then the same behavior occurred on the Windows XP. I reloaded Visual Studio w/Service Pack 6 on both. Same problem. I even wiped out the XP machine completely and reloaded XP with Service Pack 3 plus all the drivers and Visual Studio. Not an easy task. Same result.

Since the problem exists on both computers I deduce it is not Windows nor any of the updates.

I am really stuck on this one. Can anyone please offer some suggestions??