I am very unexperienced in coding. Basically all I know is HTML and CSS (of course there's a lot of stuff to know in CSS which I usually Google).
The reason for this might be that I occupy myself with designing websites instead of coding them.

Now, I don't wanna be designing websites all the time and not be able to code them well. I want to be able to create templates for Joomla and WordPress
off of my designs. I want to be able to integrate smooth animations as e.g. on this template and be able to create e.g. a slider or something with javascript or whatever.

Basically my goal is to be able to create a template as the one I mentioned off of one of my designs. I already know how
to design the website, but I don't know how to code it well.

There's so much to learn for me and I just don't know where to start so I'd like some guidance.
What I think I need to learn to move forward:

- Expanding my knowledge on how to create the layout with CSS (it's always pretty messy when I do it)
- Knowing which parts of my website have to be adjusted for certain browers and then be able to do it
- More languages! (PHP, JavaScript?)
----> Learn to do stuff with these languages (e.g. creating an animated slider or an animated menu as in the template I showed)
- Create templates off of the coded design.

Now should I do it in that order? Should I learn JavaScript earlier? Do I even need to learn PHP or can I let the CMS do all the work for me?
If I need to learn PHP, what exactly should I know about it? Where are good places to start learning? Where can I find good tutorials to teach all this stuff to myself?

I would really appreciate if someone here could point me in the right directions and give me some hints etc. because I'm pretty stuck right now.

- Nico